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The Lord is King: Reflection on the Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

By | 2017-10-19T13:54:21+02:00 October 19th, 2017|Seeking the Word|

Back in the book of Samuel, after Israel had a long string of judges that couldn’t permanently keep Israel in line (this is the story of the book of Judges), Israel demanded God to put a king over them. God, working through the last judge, the priest Samuel, did so and set Saul over them as king. After Him we had the great king David, then Solomon, etc...

Harden Not Your Hearts: Reflection on the Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

By | 2017-09-06T17:09:00+02:00 September 6th, 2017|Seeking the Word|

Just as Ezekiel is chosen by God to watch over the house of Israel (God’s people) in our First Reading this Sunday, so too Jesus is appointing His watchmen over the New Israel in our Gospel. These new leaders of the house of Israel are given the extra-ordinary powers of “binding and loosing,” which, in basic terms, means that they...

The Shadow of His Wings: Reflection on the Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

By | 2017-08-30T15:22:01+02:00 August 30th, 2017|Seeking the Word|

In the shadow of God’s wings is where Jeremiah finds himself in our First Reading this Sunday. There are two elements to this. First, Jeremiah undergoes a deep doubt of his own vocation because of the fact that he is in a shadow; he is in darkness. Second...

The Key Thing: Reflection on the Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time

By | 2017-08-24T17:02:18+02:00 August 23rd, 2017|Seeking the Word|

Why do we have a Pope? Where did we even get that idea as Catholics? This Sunday, the liturgy gives us that very answer. Join me in unpacking those Scripture readings to see the answer clearly!

Faith in Foreign Lands: Reflection on the Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

By | 2017-08-17T20:33:41+02:00 August 16th, 2017|Seeking the Word|

Millennia ago, God chose Abraham to be the “Father of many nations” (this is what Ab-ra-ham means in Hebrew). But, God was going to bring salvation through Abraham’s first born nation, Israel. In our First Reading this Sunday...

Be Still and Know: Reflection on the Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

By | 2017-08-09T13:14:31+02:00 August 9th, 2017|Seeking the Word|

I know that you have had times in your life when you’ve been caught in some kind of storm — we all have! I don’t mean literally, but just those difficult times when you perhaps turned to God for help. Perhaps, some of these trials that you encountered were even on account of trying to do His will. How do we find Him in those trials? How can we point Him out? We’ll look to our Readings to find out.

Listen to Him: Reflection on the Transfiguration of the Lord

By | 2017-08-02T11:47:05+02:00 August 2nd, 2017|Seeking the Word|

There’s always been a time in our lives when we’ve seen somebody who we know is very good at something look like he’s about to lose at it. Maybe a friend who is an excellent swimmer but in the middle of the race your watching isn’t doing too well. Yet, because of what we know about that person, we expect the results to change before the race is over, so to speak, so we sit back and wait. This Sunday, we see Jesus setting Himself up to do the exact same thing for His three closest Apostles: Peter, James, and John.