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Faith is the first building-block for an interior life.



Our Fidelity to the Church is our Fidelity to Jesus.



We must know what we believe in order to believe it.

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The Lord is King: Reflection on the Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Back in the book of Samuel, after Israel had a long string of judges that couldn’t permanently keep Israel in line (this is the story of the book of Judges), Israel demanded God to put a king over them. God, working through the last judge, the priest Samuel, did so and set Saul over them as king. After Him we had the great king David, then Solomon, etc...

The Law of Authentic Freedom

Everybody wants freedom, but nobody knows what it is... Read to find out why.

RSVP: Reflection on the Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

We're invited to the Feast--We must now respond with a life worthy of the invite. Read STW Now

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